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How far are we

“Think” is a complicated term to define for machines. As humans we have the ability to “Think” better then other species on the planet but still there are so many factors involved with relation to thinking such as language and context. Context includes time, place, objects and relation between them. With IBM’s Jeopardy! Challenge, we are one step closer to defining “Think” for machines.

Intelligence for machines or artificial intelligence was first mentioned by Alan Turing in his publication ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’ in 1950. Publication begins with the main question of “ Can machines think?” which is yet partly solved today. For those of you who do not know Alan Turing, he is mainly known for Turing Machine, Bombe and Turing Test.

Turing Machine is something that gave the idea of tape drives and finite state machines. Bombe is the machine that was able to decode the Enigma machine messages during second world war. If you have seen the movie U-571 then you know the importance of Enigma machine via which German submarines sent and received secure messages.

German Enigma Machine


Bombe Back Side

Turing Test is the test in which there are two rooms. One room can have either computer or machine which the person on the room two does not know. The person has to decide by chatting that the person on the other side is a computer or the machine. Many systems have set benchmarks for the Turing test in the past but there is still a lot of work to achieve what was defined originally.

Turing Test

Hence, the main question here is that if we put Watson for the Turing Test then how far are we from achieving the goals for thinking abilities ?

– Kuntal

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