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Wildstar- First Impressions

Wildstar just came out, here’s what we thought. Visuals Wildstar’s visuals are very influenced by the comic book style.  Having this comic book feel is something that is very nice … Continue reading

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Next Music From Tokyo Vol 6

Next Music From Tokyo is an event held every year across Canada. Steven Tanaka, an anesthesiologist, brings underground bands from across Japan to locations in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. This … Continue reading

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Experience at IBM

Let me start off by telling you guys a little bit about myself. I am Alaric. I have finished 2 years at U of T, in Math and Computer Science. … Continue reading

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Seven Random Office Pranks

Nothing livens up a typical colourless day at your desk than a good hearty laugh at the misfortune of your dear team member falling for a prank. Or it could … Continue reading

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How Too Many Superheroes Might Ruin The Fun

Being a fan of both movies and comics definitely has its advantages, as well as its disadvantages when the two fields overlap. My inner film critic is often suppressed when … Continue reading

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The Intern Experience

I write this post now as a past intern and it’s been just over a year since IBM. How would I describe my entire experience in one phrase?

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Knights with shovels, space goats and marauding monkeys at PAX 2014

  From April 11-13 one of the largest gaming conventions took place in Boston: PAX East 2014 (Penny Arcade Expo).  It’s held annually to showcase games from both large budget … Continue reading

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