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Surfing the Redditz- An Intro

Reddit is popular, extremely popular. The popularity of the site combined with its structure make it a great web community to spend your time with. This blog post is intended … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why You Should Write A Blog For The Blog Team!

You will become a better writer Writing is one of the most basic ways that we communicate with one another. As you begin to write blogs, you will be improving … Continue reading

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Podcast Overload

It’s nice to have a way to waste time while you’re commuting anywhere. And when you’re someone like me who can get carsick when reading or looking at anything really, … Continue reading

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Why you should play indie games

In the past 6 years, when Braid was released and Steam began its ascendance, coupled with the death of midsized studios, indie games have been on the rise. Games made … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Stupidity

I love a good meal, but I am such a lazy cook. Meals for me are either prepackaged, made by someone else, or involve a lot of shortcuts. It is … Continue reading

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Future Blue Hackathon Presentations and Board Game Night Tomorrow!

Hey guys! Tomorrow on Thursday, March 27, 6 teams of IBM interns from across the country will be showing off the front ends they made for the Future Blue Hackathon. … Continue reading

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4 Life Lessons from Tetris

1. Life is confusing at first, but if you take your time and try to understand it, it becomes simple    2. You will make a lot of bad decisions … Continue reading

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